Introduction to literary study (LSDS) Robert McKee (Story) and the describing what a Digital narrative is precisely. looking into essential reading: the Module guide reference. ( essays handed in on week 5? in Harvard style (remember to cite!)


Dead drop box digital narrative
Talking heads.we looked at “Puddinglane.com” and the Crysis competition and how we should approach the forthcoming assignment (likely as a group researching and developing our skills by means of acquiring our own textures, making models etc)

Class Log – 05/12/13

Today I had an interview briefly with Mark from which we discussed my progress and work, and how it can/could be improved adding an alert system into ‘the box’ that is to be implemented with Javascript. Later looking at the essay for which the deadline is next week I talked to Ben who was apparently the only other member of my group able to make it in besides myself and Ramar. We managed to pull our thumbs out and Ben collected Natalie’s and Bilal’s essay after they had given theirs to me so that I can make a start on finalising the group work.