Ruby is a secondary character of Ashwick City, and is known to be the mob boss’ second man.

Ruby is a unhinged manic thug who works for Lou, the crime boss in Ashwick City. In the various encouters the player will have with Ruby, his role between helping you and helping Lou may switch. Although Ruby is very volatile, he is also very loyal to Lou, regardless of his liking to you. On occasion, he may partner with you during missions, to either help, or make sure you’re doing things to Lou’s benefit.

Here’s a concept piece of him.


Leo Harring

Leo Harring is the main character of Ashwick City, the character who you play.

Leo is an unstable self employed detective. He was military trained, and during a field mission, he was forced to shoot a child after he opened fire on Leo’s squad, impacting his squadmates. This has mentally scarred him, and he was discharged from the military. To make ends meet, Leo does private investigations for anyone who needs his services. He is offered an opportunity to become a detective at the Ministry of Defence, if he performs investigation work on a new inmate at Bishops Gate Asylum who has recently escaped during interrogation.

Here’s a concept image for him.

Leo Harring


Forever on Edge

Forever on Edge is a band which my close friend is a member of, and has agreed to let me use their music within the game. I particularly like this style of music, and I feel it fits some of the scenes quite well. Not all music will be like this, but these could be used for a few areas within the game.

Click the image below to visit their site, and watch a video of a preview of some of their songs.

Forever on Edge


The Gun™

A main part of the game will be The Gun™. This gun will hold a specific number of bullets, and you will never gain any additional bullets throughout the game. Guns are disallowed in the city, and this one was a favourite of his from his time in the Military. There is an idea of having crates in hard to reach places which can be shot down and contain goodies (different outfits, some test media or making of, concept art, magazine/comics, silly easter eggs, etc), or can be used against larger enemies. The Gun™ will be powerful enough that if shot in the head or location of the heart it’ll cause instant death, to anyone. There may even be a mechanic at during times you could shoot yourself as an alternate ending.

Here’s a render of The Gun™ I made during my time in Uni.

The Gun™

An idea on NPC Interaction

This post is about a few ideas of NPC interaction within the game. There will be various types of NPC, and various stages of interaction.

Most of the interaction will be based on a “sanity metre”, which measures the main characters’ sanity throughout the game. If you’re more insane, then some NPC’s may not want to interact with you any more. Similarly, the more sane you become in dealing with the character’s past, the more some NPC’s may take you as a pushover.

There will be some benefits and caveats to both, for example, if you are more insane, you’ll gain more knowledge from thug style NPC’s, by beating the information out of them, however if at some points in the game some characters come to give you information, and you go crazy in the interview room, they’re less likely to talk to you. Becoming the most insane will give you the most information, but will end the game quicker, and ultimately result in NPC’s disliking you. Additionally, if you are more sane, the thug style characters, and people who you capture during crimes, are less likely to give you any information at all, taking you as a pushover, and laughing in your face, whereas the characters coming to you with information are more likely to help out.

Here’s a quick hierarchy tree of what I think NPC attributes will be.

  • Main AI
    • Primary Characters
      • Gives missions
      • Gives the most information
      • Carries story
      • Cannot be killed
      • Interaction with them can alter sanity rating
    • Secondary Characters
      • Gives missions
      • Gives some information
      • Progresses plot
      • Can sometimes be killed
      • Gives the most sanity rating on their death/survival
    • Tertiary Characters
      • Mostly enemies and common thugs
      • Gives the least information
      • Cannon fodder
      • Can like or hate you
      • Can start fights with you
      • Can be killed
      • Gives some sanity rating on their death/survival
    • Pedestrians (Possibility of including in game)
      • May help you out during fights
      • Can offer information depending on your sanity and their personality
      • Idly wander the streets
      • Can fear or like you
      • Can be killed
      • Gives the least amount of sanity rating on their death/survival

As shown, under the main AI branch, there’ll be variations on NPC’s depending on their roles within the game. Some pedestrian NPC’s may help you if you get into a fight out in the open, or some “enemy” NPC’s may let you freely into their hangout, or fear you due to insanity.

As the player progresses through the story, and uses the information gained from NPC’s and other characters, the sanity metre will play a strong part as to how the story goes. If the player is crazy insane, then some of the primary and secondary characters will not want anything to do with him anymore (refused access to a bar you start in), and the player could spontaneously murder pedestrians in the streets, where some thugs and mobs may enjoy the crazy side, and let the player freely roam within their hideouts and dens. Similarly, if the player is completely sane, the thugs will instantly start fights with you, and you’ll get some free drinks or a warmer welcome to the starting bar.

Due to the cause of the “Sanity Metre” being that the main character experienced a traumatising event in his past, if an NPC is injured or dies within his presence, it may have a positive or negative effect on the sanity metre. I was thinking that each NPC would have a variable attached to them, holding a value, and this value is either added or removed from the sanity metre that you hold, making you more or less sane.

With the nature of the “multiple endings” style of the game, it could give some interesting ideas as to what could cause specific endings, and how they could effect you. Example being the pure insane ending, where the game only lasts a few hours, however you get all of the negatives from secondary and tertiary NPC’s, but being good to everyone could make the game last forever (due to lack of information gained), but could make the NPC’s happy. Various endings and how NPC’s will ultimately “like” you are still being worked on, and may be up for discussion at a later date.

Hello world!

I know the title is the same as the default message when starting a new blog, but it suited well.

This blog is to be used for the game information relating to Ashwick City, the pre-modern story of a private investigator. I will be posting Work In Progress content here, alongside other things, like concept art, some vox work, and the like. I will also discuss ideas on how certain interactions will work, and what kinds of techniques will be used when it comes to games design.