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This is an essay about choice within our own narrative. I have always been fascinated by human behavior and the influences that direct us with each revolution of an age. It’s no secret that some of those things consist of Religion, Law, Communities, Internet, governments and family. Since these are all very capacious subjects within their own right I had chosen to make a short video capturing the most basic point that I am trying to make, simple that it may be, there is a plethora of proverbial underlying pushes and nudges that effect our every choice from deciding what colour ‘iPhone’ you want to Votes and Elections until the very decisions that impact our immediate and future lives are being chosen by audiences for entertainment purposes, who have not watched shows such as the X-Factor where people ascend to fame and fortune or who are metaphorically thrown to the lions not unlike the Romans did with slaves so many years ago.


One of the notions that inspired me to make this narrative have been prompted by some previous research into the entrepreneur family known as Rockefeller. While studying the famous Mexican muralist Diego Rivera who in 1933 was commissioned by John D. Rockefeller to make ‘Man, Controller of the universe, that had subsequently been torn down after a bitter controversy surrounding said murals questionable content, even though there was a passionate uproar by artists, fans and collectors alike to prevent it. Another example can be seen strongly made in the independent movie ‘Zeitgeist’, among it’s many compelling conspiracy claims It points out that J. D. Rockefeller among others left the stock market in 1929 prior to one of the largest economic collapses where over fifty four hundred banks where closed under the federal reserve. This crisis was brought about by ‘margin loans’ in1914 to 1919, banks created loans that shared a large percentage of money brought in a single share, e.g. (x) stock is $10,000 you pay 10% and receive said stock in full for $1,000 the Margin loan covers $9,000. However the string attached to this was that the loan was repaid in full upon demand, within 24 hours. In 1920 Rockefeller and a small group pulled out of the stock market and a couple of months later the banks demanded full repayment of every Margin loan that was given, causing mass hysteria and soon after, a great depression.


“Under the federal reserve act, panics are scientifically created, the present panic is the first scientifically created one, worked out as we figure a mathematical equation.”


(Charles Lindbergh)


My initial ideas where that of an ordinary man who has no visible hindrance or disability in life and yet struggles to connect with people for any number of reasons. The conclusions reached by watching this short video, it also has a post hoc ambient quality due to the behavior of this man as he walks through a large and lavish estate home but becomes his own real life antonym in order to attain some social equality in his own eyes.


The meaning of my piece can be summarized simply; We are not masters of our own fate, though we have the power to make a difference if we choose, every single choice and action we take effects not only us but others around us, when we add filters to our decisions they shape and change the way we look at our surroundings and how in turn others look upon us. ‘Good versus evil’, ‘Right versus wrong‘. These become our roads our instincts drive us and our thoughts direct us to where we travel to in our life span.


While making the video piece for my short video some of the problems I had encountered were numerous. The light of day being the first. I had reshot my video between three and four times, when I originally hired out a camera for the video shot I had everything prepped and when shooting the footage made the simplest of mistakes, I had forgot to check to see if the batteries were charged. Additionally when attempting to charge the hired camera I found that the included charger was mismatched and did not work with it. I did not want to keep the camera any longer than necessary so I returned it and used my own lower quality one. I had to get the entire video footage with the same light so shooting on different days became troublesome, one day it was almost unbearably bright and the next it was heavily overcast and raining. Editing issues were very few and minor, and the scenery was almost perfect.


There were practically no changes from the initial story board I had made except those to shorten the video in post production, it was apparent that I had shot far too much for what I believe was required.


This piece of art is a digital narrative in that firstly it is not just something using a digital medium but also has other digital connotations such as the way we live our lives and make our decisions. Feeling that our personified voice in text form has more credibility than that of our natural voices. This narrative demonstrated in this short video entitled ‘Cyber me’ is apparent with the choices the subject makes, made possible only through a digital medium i.e. his online social communication. Allowing him to shape and change his persona in the way he sees fit to, this can be attributed to selfish gratification, social status or entirely the opposite. By any means honest or deceitful online socializing be it business related or personnel, changes who we are and our choices.


The evaluation of my piece is mostly positive. I feel that I have done the best I can to portray my ideas behind the situation, and feel that my efforts have not gone unheard. If I was given more time, I would likely enhance the footage of the virtual environment, adding more characters to communicate, and possibly involve vocal communication, not just text based communication.





Zeitgeist: director :Peter Joseph



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