Class Blog – 30/10/2013

Today, after grabbing some images of a construction site nearby, I revisited the site and found some interesting objects for the projection project. I arranged them together and took a few images for tomorrow.

Additionally, I paid the deposit to Mark for the trip coming up soon. Starting to look forwards to that very much, as I missed out on them previously.

Website Ideas

These are a few ideas for websites
1). SlowMo Capture
A website that provides a directory of slow motion videos, complete with tag listing for categories.

2). Rooftop Pictures
A collection of images or videos from tall places, looking down to pedestrians or interesting activities.
Videos could be in stopmotion and tilt-shifted to create a miniature model style of real events.

3). StyleEyes
Capturing various styles of designs and perhaps how it effects them and those around them.

4). Tech< (Techless)
A forum or blog style website where users don’t use technology for a day, and document the pros and cons as well as what they felt they could not do without.

5). The Box
A website displaying a box, and the date/time. Nothing special, however it can be used to see how people react when seeing it,
and showing metadata of site visits, and time spent viewing for pointless websites.

B). TopHat
A website providing images of the best looking or designed hats from around the world.


Today we took pictures in order to play with a function in C4D. The process was supposed to result in a still image that appeared to be a solid 3D environment that introduces objects to create a motion juxtaposition
effectively giving the illusion that the objects introduced are naturally part of the setting.

Later with Andy we looked at various games.