Class Blog – 30/10/2013

Today, after grabbing some images of a construction site nearby, I revisited the site and found some interesting objects for the projection project. I arranged them together and took a few images for tomorrow.

Additionally, I paid the deposit to Mark for the trip coming up soon. Starting to look forwards to that very much, as I missed out on them previously.

Class Log 10/10/2013

Today we looked into C4D ‘Sound Effectors’ as well as object wrapping and cloning. I was taught about sound delays to sync the movement of 3D objects with imported sound files.
Later we had to stop just before our class had finished due to a sudden power outage in the classroom that unfortunately lasted throughout the day until we left

Class Log: 09/10/13

Since I got my blog up and running yesterday, and made a few posts to both test and add some cool things I found, today we were to install a new blog, separate from this one, to test and play with new features. This is so we don’t ruin the main blog by doing something wrong during our experiments. I managed to help a few other students too, which I am happy with.

After lunch, we continued the experiments on the secondary blog. I learned how to change the header of the new theme, adding some different styles and effects, and I experimented with a few plugins, creating a child blog.

Class Log: 03/10/13

On the Thursday, we experimented a little with Cinema 4D and the new computers we had access to. I experimented with the array feature, some animation, and trying out ideas for the project, a visual representation of a song of our choice. This gave me a few ideas during this time, but the new navigation controls with C4D made me wish I brought my 3D mouse from home.

After lunch, we were playing games for research, how scenes are designed, trying to imagine the development process. This was in preparation for the design project next semester, and I chose to design a character.

Class Log: 02/10/13

On this day, my first day of Uni, was some brief introductions with the rest of the students, and we bought our hosting and domains. I had quite a few problems with mine, which didn’t get solved until a week later, so this post is backdated.

When we started sorting out the websites, I was looking into various styles and designs for the blog. I didn’t get around to choosing one until a week later, and I quite like this style. It’s simple, easy on the eyes, but could do with some tweaks, like the titles and dates of each post being in a black font, instead of white.

I was told by Mark that we should try experimenting with some WordPress plugins, seeing what they do, and so forth. I wasn’t able to try any out, due to not having the hosting set up yet.

A generally quiet day.