Renderings for Character Animation

Below are a few videos of what I made going towards the Character Animation Assignment.

These three videos are some test renders I made of Choco looking around, pressing her hand against the fuel pillar, and then looking around. Very work in progress, playing around with keyframing to make sure things work properly.

This one runs a bit quick, it’s unfortunately a side effect of my Mac. Because when playing the animation in C4D seems slow, the keyframes are quite close together, but when rendered, it lasts all of 2 seconds. I had a severe time moving the keyframes and made a decision to slow it down when editing. This worked out in a good and bad way. Good because it took less time to render because there were less frames, but bad because slowing the footage down causes it to jitter.

I chose a dark foggy scene for my final renders. This added a lot of effect and atmosphere, but makes it difficult to see when not in dark light. I admit a few faults, like the camera being too far away during the opening scene, but overall I think it went well. This is my CMotion render.

This is Choco next to the tree. Again, this one moves quickly, but is slowed down during editing.

A shot of Choco poking her head from around the tree while a light flicks on and off within the building. The biggest issue here is that the light took 3 hours to render the ~30 frames when it was turned on. Choco had a fair amount of specular on her skin materials which I only noticed at the end, this unfortunately is the cause to the strange looking lines over her face during the light on section.

The final scene, you can faintly see the light come on and off, lighting up the surrounding area a small amount before the camera pulls back through the tree as Choco looks up to the sky, rubbing her arm as she is left stranded there. Not many issues in this one, other than the camera traveling directly through a branch on its way up.

Related films

I’ve watched a few films during the free times that I get between studying. These are related towards the digital narrative side of this semester.

I recently watched “A Fish called Wanda”, which was also referenced in Robert McKee’s ‘Story’. This film was referenced multiple times in his book, and elsewhere, for watchers to gain an understanding of plot structure and timing.

I have also watched “The Accidental Spy”, for its mini-plot structure. Additionally, “Adaptation”, the film adaptation of McKee’s ‘Story’, which also has the book as and McKee used to assist the struggling screenwriter. “Men in Black” is a typical Archplot story, with a set protagonist, antagonist, person of interest for both parties, and the eventual ‘good guy saves the day’ at the end. “Bad Timing” is an Antiplot story, where the traditional plot is reversed.

Moving words – Robert McKee

Slowly, memory takes you back to the day your mother, for reasons you’ll never understand, locked you in a closet, left the house, and didn’t come back until the next day. Bring back those long, fright-filled hours when the dark smothered you. Could your character feel the same? If so, vividly describe your day and night in the closet. You may think you know, but you don’t know that you know until you can write it down.

Research is not daydreaming. Explore your past, relive it, then write it down. In your head it’s only memory, but written down it becomes working knowledge. Now with the bile and fear in your belly, write an honest, one-of-a-kind scene.

-Robert McKee – Story – Page 74

Pictures for a Unity Project

Yesterday (Saturday), I wanted to get some more experience with Unity, and after learning the Perspective Crop tool in Photoshop, taking images of things and turning them into relatively decent textures, I went around town to find a suitable building to take a few images of. Eventually I found a suitable building, which is a 5 apartment house near the outskirts of town. Built in 2001, it’s modern enough to make for a good texture. The lighting conditions aren’t the best, but due to location of the structure, there wasn’t much I could do about that.

Here are the images I snapped. (Linked images are massive)