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Roads and Security

This particular scene is one of the border points between the more run down and older parts of Ashwick, and the more modern and expensive parts of Ashwick. There’s a security booth in the road, with bollards to prevent traffic from crossing, and there are usually 3 or 4 guards on patrol to question and identify civilians. The large open area to the side of the booth is usually where the guards park their vehicles. There’s a building under the rail line which will be a small bar, and an alley way to the right side of that with access for a fire door, and the cellar. It’ll be a low maintained alley, so full of rubbish and dirt and such.

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bug material BUG 15 mini


For the demo reel, I plan on having a camera originate from the sky, and swoop down past this building, and under the rail bridge further down the street. Because of this, having some items on the roof makes the most sense. I placed some air conditioning units, and a roof access door, with a fire escape ladder too. It makes the building more alive, and makes look a lot more natural.

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I used a shaped box to cut out windows in the building using the Boole tool, however it creates a massive amount of polygons. This is before and after screen shots of the optimising I done to reduce the amount of polygons there are, and tidy up the windows. The whole thing looks a lot better now, and is ready for windows and other effects.

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Wires and Buildings

I added some extra detail under the bridge with the hanging wire, running across to the power the additional lights. Due to this part of the city not being well maintained, not all of these lights will be working, and some might be flickering or very dim because of this. I also started on the building work today too, it’ll be a traditional 3 storey multi apartment building with several store fronts, however most of these will be closed, or boarded up, shutters will be down on most of them.

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Wiring and Ducts

I added some wiring under the bridge which goes to power the lamp post on the bridge. I added some dangling cable between a transfer box high up on the wall and some ducting pipe underneath the lamp post mount. The other two cable lines I decided I would make power the under bridge lighting. One of them is done already as shown in the wireframe, but the other will hang under the bridge and go across to the other set of lights on the other side of the road. I’ll be adding some other streetside cabinets and so forth, making it a lot more real.

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Hand in

The hand in day is tomorrow. The boxes are implemented and seem to be working. I can make posts on WordPress, put them in a specific category, and the post will appear. I had some help with the PHP side of the site. It allows the website to get the WordPress post data directly from the database. It seemed to be the easiest way as Ciaran didn’t want people to reply to posts, or have dates or time stamps and such. He just wanted posts to appear, and let him edit or create new ones easily.

I used some nice looking patterns from the subtle patterns website I found a few days ago, and made the box the only part that is scrollable. There’s a dismiss button at the top of the box to get back to other pages too. Now I’m spending the rest of the night inputting most of Ciaran’s old website data ready for the hand in. I added a little footer too, in either corner of the page. Ciaran allowed me to put the “designed by Dean Wheeler” part in, which I’m happy about, but he loves how the website has turned out, and is a stark improvement to his old one.

For comparison, here’s his old website: http://kenkokan-karate.co.uk
And here’s the one I’ve done for him: http://karate.ashwick.info