Leo’s Unwraps and Textures

Franky only really had a few textures, due to him not being a major character, his hands only had a base material applied to them, and shading through the lights and some ambient occlusion added the detailing. Leo was due to be a main character, and so he needs a bit more detail everywhere. Leo was another complicated character to unwrap, but I managed to get him all done within 2 days.

I reduced the file size down to 512x512px, the original files are at 2048×2048, and I felt that size would be too massive to display here.

Belt buckleBelt loopsBeltHandsHeadInner shirtJacketLeo_HairPantsShoes

Head and fingers

A.S.T.U Guards Unwraps and Textures

The Guards were both relatively easy to unwrap and texture. They were both planned to be distant from the camera, and so not much detail needed to be added. I added a feature to the helmet that they both have (but the male one carries under his arm), where the helmet can open up, exposing the wearer, enabling eye to eye communication, and visual expressions. The helmet was designed to feature internal screens, speakers, microphone and even a device for the user to smell, protecting their most important part of their body from damage, and helping synchronise with other guards.

I reduced the file size down to 512x512px, the original files are at 2048×2048, and I felt that size would be too massive to display here.

Male Guard

Head fingersHip padsPantsWristguard-hipstrapsastu male hairBody armour

Female Guard

Body armorHead and fingersMaskPantsStraps and wristguardThigh pads

F HEAD Lou_Head spx_storyboard_hand

Avi and Jade’s turn

I’ve pretty much done with the things I said I would do with the SFX project now. I’ve done the location scouting and transport, some of the filming and directing, and quickly edited together a test to see if the concept will work well, and it will.

It’s now up to Jade and Avi. Jade will be unwrapping and texturing the bug, Avi will be rigging it, then Jade will be animating it within the video, and then it’s back to me to edit it all together ready for the end of year show.

So now I can focus a bit more on my double project.

P1010491 _RENDER__00310 P1010453

Waverley Abbey Group Visit

Myself, Jade, Avi, Alan and Martyn went to Waverley Abbey again, but this time super early in the morning, around 4:00AM. This was so we could get some really good shots of the morning mist and sunrise. I’ll be editing together some of the footage we got and posting it up soon. We also borrowed Marks’ Chrome Ball to get a reflection map to use on the bug, so its reflections and specular are accurate to the environment.