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Day 3 of the Exhibition

I wasn’t in yesterday, having a little day off to rest and relax a bit. Today I went in with a few other students, it was mostly quiet, but a close friend of mine turned up and she was really impressed with my work. I spent a fair amount of time walking her around and explaining everyone’s work to her. I also got some wide angle shots with my camera’s Fish-Eye lens, and recorded some footage for Jade as she explained her project piece, and Jon too, showing his looping artwork on 3 monitors.


Business Card Front

Possible Contacts

The exhibition show went well. Quite a few of my business cards went away with other people, which I’m happy about. I spoke to a few people who seemed quite interested in my work too. One of whom says they’re currently working on the new James Bond film, Spectre, and previously worked on The Avengers films. I look forwards to communicating with him more.

It’s the final stretch now, 29th is my hand in date, and I’m doing quite well.


Day of the Exhibition

Today is the day of the exhibition. Martyn drove me and Nick there in the morning, with a boot full of alcohol for the refreshments table whilst there. There was quite a bit of setting up to do in the morning, the show didn’t start until 5:00PM. I set up my camera overlooking the event, and had it recording throughout, setting up and the main event.

A few of us won’t be coming in on the Friday, myself included. I’ve been really exhausted over the past few days, but I’ll be back in for Saturday.

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Ashwick Showreel

I took some renders of various parts of the street work, and created a showreel for the end of year show. This showreel will be played on the muted projector and on my own Mac with a podium of my 3D prints of some of the models I made. The 3D prints were not very well manufactured unfortunately, but they work for showing attracting attention and showing off my work.


3D Printing

For my exhibition, I decided to get some 3D printed models to display some of my work. The idea was sound, but the process was not.

After getting quotes with various companies, I found one that can provide the model for a reasonable price. There was a lot of back and forth discussion and I had to make several tedious revisions to the model to meet the printer’s minimum specification. A lot of the parts of my model was less than 0.6mm, and the printer may not be able to print things that small. I made sure every part of the model was to specification, and sent it off, saying that because it’s fragile I would pick it up myself rather than through a courier.

Around 5 days after sending it off, the prints arrived at my front door, and they arrived damaged, and most parts missing. This was really disappointing, but I had to make do with what I’ve got because there wasn’t enough time to correct it and re-print it. The extent of the damage is, in short, the head model was completely destroyed, most of the strands were broken, and the centre logo was not attached to the post it was attached to, and the bar was missing its stools around the tables, in front of the bar itself, and the pool table was missing its balls. Additionally it looked like the table top had broken off, and then was glued back on.

bar orighead orig


sfx feature street 03 stygian feature

Stygian Arts Website

For my exhibition and public name, I created a new website to show off my work called Stygian Arts. I’ve been putting my work on there for display to people who picked up my business card. I’ve put my showreels and the models of the scenery on there too.

Stygian Arts Website

The idea behind Stygian was originated from the river Styx, which is as legend says, the border between Earth and the Underworld. The logo reflects this, as it closely resembles a flowing river, and the visual design is a take on the darkness from the Underworld.