Uni – 14/11/14

Presentation of the nine weeks of study for DFS,
learning and reading philosophy almost solidly, I had spent many hours working on my idea, and I thought the theory that I had worked on would be well received, certainly I had included the criteria, and Mark had explained three weeks prior that no one would be to interested in my theory, that I understand, the reading of great philosophers in comparison to anything I theorize would be like a speck of dust in awe of a galaxy of overwhelming knowledge that these geniuses craft from the deep unfathomable reaches of their minds.
To say it went badly would be an understatement in my opinion, and from this I have concluded that as an artist there is little room for us to express our thoughts, which to me seems to be frankly disconcerting.
This has been a steep learning curve, and I have to rethink my art piece for DFS, I will speak with Gerda when I next see her.

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