Study – 9/11/14

Elyn Saks.
whilst researching my idea for DFS, I came across an interview video of a professor of psychology and psychiatry. She struck me rather impressively when I discovered she has schizophrenia. The discussion continued about her life and the trauma she had lived through, to the point where she had been violently restrained and remarked that ‘as of now we are unsure whether or not restraining people helps, or is the cause of more peoples deaths’, she was also found cowering in the corner of her room shaking during the middle of the day with her curtains pulled to darken the room, found by her husband whist having an episode and slurring words that were loose weave.
Yet the accomplishments of this woman speak volumes of her willpower, Doctors expected Elyn to live in board houses and struggle with menial tasks for the remainder of her life, and yet as i previously mentioned she now sits as a doctor herself, I believe this says something quite powerful about the concept of reality.

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