Critical Response: Guy Debord

Guy Debord (1984) – The Society of the Spectacle

What I can ascertain from what Guy Debord has written is the illusion of perception in various aspects and what I can understand as an anachronistic implication as we pull further from stability. Debord points to religion and the further we are from reality essentially the easier it is to grasp in faith of the non-real. He continues to describe sacredness as the essence of illusion as we tug away from what is discernable truth, similarly this can be applied to the ‘god of the gaps’, argument and the correlation of causation and cum hoc ergo propter hoc, to see belief that defines reality by ignoring what can be observed. I would argue that if we analyse everything to such a degree, we begin to see cracks and flaws in what we understand as reality, and that in some ways our reality personal to ourselves is worthy of preservation, it may be that we have a fallacy of reality however each take on the world, and life span differs creating beauty in our individual understanding, for example, we see art in everything created by an individuals idea on what reality is represented and designed by, this dates back to when humans as a race could first think for themselves and learned, created and shared their knowledge. Throughout history this is empirically true.

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