Critical Response: Jean Baudrillard

Critical response: Jean Baudrillard (1994) – Simulacra and Simulation.

Is it that a hyper-real construct may be a vicissitude of the ontological subject that it represents? Or perhaps it is merely as simple as an unmasked fake that wears a veil of its subjects being. In fact we know that much like the speculation debated over the existence of a single (or many) omnipotent divine god, no empirical proof can be solidly claimed.
“Science adjusts its views based on what’s observed. Faith is the denial of observation so that belief can be preserved.” – Tim Minchin

In conclusion, to this very day we continue to paint a picture of reality to what we hold witness to in life. An easy example is that some of us measure clothes by a design of fashion, and for others it is the means in which to keep warm. I doubt that the colour of ideals that we paint on the canvas of the world will ever change. I do not think it should be a question of how to deal with a simulation but the recognition of a simulation and the ‘real’ in our being to render it as fact or fiction, thus the question lays on the brush that we use.

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