Critical Response: Sherry Turkle

Life on the Screen (playing in the MUDS)

This article views and theorises on a multi platform of online users in varying aspects, including online presence and the resolution, addiction and self absorbed ‘reality’, within reality from the alteration of gender to a psychodynamic approach towards ones own ‘belief’ and what could be considered their ‘real’. Used also as a mental resolve the context of an online reality seems to view a user in a state of mental precipice, almost dramatizing the act of claiming an online persona. However this review of case studies show that people rely on a online presence for a variety of reasoning’s including the need to define one’s self socially, economically, sexually, religious and political views and beliefs regarded as a faith of online belief, that correlates to an external online presence “There is only either fact, or fiction, the in between of those two things are hope, and denial and faith is a heavy mix of both.” -Paul Andrew Ryan.

So, in what we see as the real, what we know with fallible senses, can be altered not only by first hand experience but also our perception can be altered through the mediums of acquired learning, from news broadcasts that dramatise or attempt to alter what we see to benefit a third party, to school books and education that may be false, our children learn by there forefathers making this world one built on conflicting views, each one as false as another. I would argue that we should be humble in our opinion of something we may not fully understand because what we perceive as truth will always be another false, the proof of this can be observed scientifically in faith wars, hate speech and discrimination.

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