Examples of two Simulations

To regard something as a simulation, it must be observed by myself or at least one person as true and real.

When we sleep our minds have been proven to increase in activity though we appear exactly the opposite. Lucid dreams happen to most of us, and experiencing them we sometimes fall under a misconception that we are in a reality. A common example most portrayed is falling and suddenly waking up, of course this goes deeper, and can have some adverse effects such as sleepwalking, talking etcetera.

Society overruling fact – MSG scandal
The United States Food and Drug Administration, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation, World Health Organisation and the European Community’s Scientific Committee for Foods all cleared MSG ingredients for safety, in fact it was classified as the safest category of food ingredient.
In April 1968, Robert Ho Man Kwok wrote a letter to the New England Journal of Medicine, explaining that he had experienced a strange syndrome, when he had eaten northern Chinese food at a Chinese Restaurant. Ho Man Kwok’s journal entry was seen by the public eye, and instantaneously regarded as a serious threat. In this case fear and misconception can be simulations, bending our mind and will against well researched and documented facts. This can be a simulation in that the fact of a defect within MSG however minuscule a chance, has an element of the source of fear, it is then taken as a real out of ignorance.

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