Fake Identity

This is about the identity of Loucas, the fake identity I was asked to set up. I have actually had a bit of difficulty finding places and topics good enough to get responses, yet genuine enough to seem real. This task has proved to be quite difficult for me to accomplish.

Biography of Loucas ‘Lou’ Thespian Witer

Actual Name: Loucas Thespian Witer
Alias: Lou || Loucas Thespian

Username for all accounts: MustacheandBowler
Password for all accounts: *********** (Censored)
(This password is to comply with most websites’ requirement for at least:
One capital letter;
One lowercase letter;
One number; and
One Symbol)

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: 19th August, 1982
Age at year 2014: 32

Email Address: loucas.witer@yahoo.com

Physical Address:
66 Osborne Road
NG16 9EQ

Phone: (+44)
LandLine: 0115 252 2392
Mobile: 07044 735 560

Favourite Colour: Sandy Brown

Occupation: Warehouse Manager

Hobbies: Ornithologist, Sci-fi Fanatic
Enjoys bowling, and antique fairs and auctions

Pets: Two Cats
Lemmi (black with white paws and undermuzzle)
Toffy (Striped Bengal)

Lemmi is named after a bass guitarist from Motorhead
Toffy is a random name, a play on the name of the sweet Toffee

Pictures are of the actual cats that my partner’s mother own. Their actual names are Tilly (black cat) and Poppy (bengal cat).
They were taken with permission from her private Facebook feed, so they shouldn’t appear in any reverse image searches.

Pictures links:

Car: 2014 Ford Fiesta (LD14 NCZ)
This car is legally registered to my partner, but it’s a car that suits him, and the licence matches the car’s model/colour/type/etc.

== Registered Social Sites ==

Reddit: https://reddit.com/u/MustacheandBowler

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reddit 02
reddit 03

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