High Resolution Concept Art

Here’s three pieces of concept art I have created for print in relation to my double project. This is part of the last step, after this I cannot be creating any more concept art.

This image of Downtown shows a run down middle/lower class area. Not very well looked after, as you can tell from the graffiti dotted around the walls, and the poor lighting. The city skyline is visible in the background, and the main rail line runs over the bridge, separating the two class areas.


This image of a high rise high tech office has a clear view overlooking the city. This office was designed to be used by the CEO of a large company, and so he has the best of gadgets, like this computer table, with a holographic screen.

Office View

This character’s name is Lou. He’s very mysterious, and his dress style doesn’t suit the location, which adds more to the character. I plan on doing a lot with this character, so I don’t plan on giving too much away.


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