A.S.T.U Guards Unwraps and Textures

The Guards were both relatively easy to unwrap and texture. They were both planned to be distant from the camera, and so not much detail needed to be added. I added a feature to the helmet that they both have (but the male one carries under his arm), where the helmet can open up, exposing the wearer, enabling eye to eye communication, and visual expressions. The helmet was designed to feature internal screens, speakers, microphone and even a device for the user to smell, protecting their most important part of their body from damage, and helping synchronise with other guards.

I reduced the file size down to 512x512px, the original files are at 2048×2048, and I felt that size would be too massive to display here.

Male Guard

Head fingersHip padsPantsWristguard-hipstrapsastu male hairBody armour

Female Guard

Body armorHead and fingersMaskPantsStraps and wristguardThigh pads

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