Resubmission: Client Website

I started by talking to an author who only had a forum for visitors to discuss his work and wants to eventually expand to market his stories and also have a blog to communicate through a more interactive and illustrated means. I suggested a word press blog, Keeping people up to date, and have something nice to look at. The URL to the website is down below, hosted on my domain as they do not have one at the moment.

 These three icons I updated in the style font style the client chose for his site. It adds uniformed style while keeping them recognisable. The Æ favicon is used as the icon to the page, viewable in Tabs and on phones.

mail    twatter    Book face   Archaerion Favi

The blog page is using one of the fonts that the author liked, named K22 Monastic, available from the links below. When I went through the design with him he said that he envisioned a cross through the O, and created one in red to match his forum, however he decided that he wanted to match the blog over it and I changed the colour to suit.

Archaerion logo2Archaerion logo


Out of all the themes, the one the client decided on was the ESPO theme. The theme is blue with hints of gold, his forums are red with gold. He seemed happy with the change, and I installed the theme. I changed the background by finding a royalty free pattern from, and then removed most of the clutter that came installed. I then changed some of the images, altering the social icons and title. I offered to create title pictures for his novel pages for the featured images, and he was content with the outcome.

unt 304



These two pictures are some simple and nice graphics which I created for him as the titles to two of his novels. They appear on the front page alongside a short description of the writing.I made the featured images with some 3D and photoshop work. I applied simple Cinema 4D materials onto the models and added some lighting.

pointy star00Ragnarok scriptures


The client seems to love how the website has turned out. It’s still early stages, he asked if I could continue to design the website and illustrations for his novels.

Wordpress Theme Styles


Font Styles


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