Special Effects Ideas

I’m in a team with Jade and Avi for my Special Effects project. We pretty quickly decided on filming a short 30 second shot or small clip of shots of a steampunk looking man sitting beside a pillar, reaching into his pocket, and pulling out a clockwork bug, which then flies off. I mentioned that there’s a really interesting park near where I live, and all three of us went to visit it, get some reference shots, and plan some more ideas. We then came back, and have been sorting out through online voice calls more on the idea.

Avi has drawn some concept art of the bug, shown below, and I have worked on finalising the design with Avi. Jade has been working on organising with the park about if we’re allowed to record footage there, and later she will be assisting in the texturing stages of the bug. We also researched into suitable props and clothing for the actor to wear.

Avi’s initial concept art.

Jade’s texturing ideas
Jade bug texture

My updated version and ideas.

frosty bug

After completing my step, we’ll all talk together again, and take our ideas to create a final design to turn into 3D.

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